Special Events

When it comes to contemplating portable toilet facilities for special events, point-of-view is vital.  After all, your job is to create a memorable event, and few things can undermine your efforts more quickly than portable toilet facilities your guests would just as soon forget.

That’s why we specialize in a different class of portable toilet – like high-tech, solar-powered flush models that, much like an airplane bathroom, feature stainless steel bowls, custom-fitted hand wash design, a solar-powered light, and a mirror.  We also offer air conditioned, trailer mounted units featuring running water, automated paper towel dispenser, and mirror.

Want your portable toilets to fit into the overall theme of your event?  We offer the option of wrapping the units in appropriately themed graphics for the occasion.  For example, take a look at our matching Bride & Groom wrapped units, perfect for all of the events surrounding your wedding!

To top it all off, our earth-friendly operations would do even the most dedicated environmentalists proud.

“I was extremely pleased with the professional service ‘mode provided! The drop off and pick up was seamless. The rep found the perfect location to situate the unit for our event. The equipment was spotless and well maintained. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!!”

-Event Planner Customer

London Style Unit

Bride and Groom Units

Restroom Trailers

Key Considerations in planning for your Special Events Portable Sanitation Needs:


  • A bad experience with a portable restroom can affect the user’s attitude toward the event itself.
  • Studies indicate that adequate restroom facilities have a significant impact on attendance and profitability.
  • Because users of the portable restroom facilities determine the quality of service based on both real and perceived conditions, you’ll want nice, clean, high-quality units that are in good repair with vent screens and door locks.
  • Proper service will maintain the condition of the units with respect to the level of waste, availability of tissue, and a clean interior.  Even if the event is not large enough to warrant additional pumping service, general housecleaning can make a significant impact on the event.
  • Providing too few units can have a major economic impact on promoters and vendors, while providing too many units can cause an excessive expense for the promoters.