Key Benefits of Portable Toilets


  • Enhance worker and public safety, health, dignity, productivity and enjoyment.
  • Prevent the spread of communicable disease through the safe disposal of human waste (see OSHA Federal Register, Vol. 52, No. 84, pp 16057-16059).
  • Reduce or postpone the need to spend public funds on costly sewer-line expansion
  • Conserve water and reduce public waste disposal costs – 20 workers using portable sanitation generates 30 gallons/40-hour week vs. 2500 gallons if they used sewered facilities.

“Thanks for your help with keeping us clean and EPA compliant — [I] am always glad we have Rest Stop in our neighborhood!”

– Residential Construction client

The future of portable toilets is here!

We know “future” and “portable toilets” are not words most folks normally use in the same sentence, but at RS Waste Services, Inc., we’re always looking for new equipment and emerging trends that can help us provide our customers with portable toilet services that are convenient and environmentally friendly.  Did you know most portable toilet companies clean their units with solutions containing formaldehyde?  Well we’re formaldehyde-free and PROUD OF IT!  Each rental includes WEEKLY cleaning, with the option to add additional service throughout the week at an added cost.

What’s UP in the high-rise construction industry?

Nagging problem: A high-rise construction project where workers ride elevators all day just to answer nature’s call.  It’s a productivity nightmare.  And let’s face it, the typical high-rise unit with no roof and half of a door isn’t for everyone!

Innovative solution: Our enclosed portable toilet on casters with a collapsible roof which allows it to fit into freight elevators and pass through door frames. Plus, when our high-rise unit needs to be serviced, it takes the elevator up and down so your workforce doesn’t have to. In the event your job site does not have an elevator, our high-rise unit comes equipped with a lifting bar so that it may be easily hoisted up and down as needed for servicing.

Are we a bunch of port-a-potty mouths?

We really love talking about portable toilets and would enjoy speaking to you about how we can best help you assess, address, and manage your company’s portable sanitation needs most effectively.